Here are some of the creepy creatures you
may see lurking around

keep your eyes peeled and always remember to look over your shoulder...
they could be anywhere!


Lord W. Stendahl - Mayor

This is Lord W. Stendahl, and HE haS had the deepest privilege of being Mayor of Sundown for 355 years now.

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DJ for 96.6 Radio

Calling Detroit, Michigan his home den, Big Bad Daddy Wolf grew up with the best tunes playing on the radio 24/7.  From Doo-Wop to Jack White, Daddy Wolf fell in love with all things rock.  Combine this with an inherent love for Horror Film, and Big Bad Daddy Wolf grew into what he is now: a conglomerate of Rock, Scare, and Hair!  Careful listeners will find out all of those nasty details about BBDW, so stay tuned-in HERE!

And Stay Alivin’ and Jivin’!

Dr. Ghoul -
Horror Host


Greetings and Hallucinations, Ghoulish Souls! sometimes the best Doctors are the vones who profess that constant laughter in our lives is the best medicine they can prescribe! This Doctor is no exception to that rule. Laughter has alvays been a Ghoulish part of my demeanor. So adding horror and humor together seemed the best Ghoulish Cookie vone could ever bake.


From childhood I vas enthralled by Bella Lugosi, Boris Karloff, Vincent Price, Lon Chaney Jr., And later Christopher Lee and then Jack Nicholson. the chilling OLD RADIO Ghost Stories vere my passion to listen to, Until Abbott & Costello. though really no vone mixed horror and humor and put the combination to good use! So here ve are, entertaining your Ghoulish Pallets vith horror and humor mixed.


So please enjoy our Shows and participation vith BIG BAD DADDY VOLF and Sundown Hallowveen! As alvays Ghouls! “May all your Dreams be Nightmares”


Dr. G




Sir Roderick Wettstone -
TWisted Tales

London-born writer Sir Roderick Wettstone has spent much of his adult life in Mississippi, where he teaches American and English literature.


Sir Roderick lives in a refurbished southern mansion, surrounded by old growth forest.  His companions are his cat, Mephistopheles, and his dog, Baskerville.  Grizelda and Philip are his personal attendants and housekeepers.  Sir Roderick is a widower.  He enjoys traveling to England to see family and friends and to spend time on his family’s estate.  He was named for Sir Roderick Pebblebrook, a 17th century ancestor in Cambridge.